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Aeonology- an ancient, and forgotten practice, that has its origin 2nd century origin myths and Gnostic texts. These early descriptions of the energies of the universe are widely accepted to be early attempts to gain knowledge from the human psyche. Carl Jung called these documents the writings of "the first psychologists". and Dr.Marvin Mayer the primary translator of these ancient texts found in the Egyptian desert in the 1940's, said "The story [of the texts] is as much about psychology as mythology and metaphysics."

At their simplest, the 36 primary Aeons in the AEON deck are 36 reflections, born from ancient tradition, to describe the multiplicity of the human condition. At their deepest they are a manifestation of the "perennial praxis" of Gnosticism, Alchemy, Hermetic traditions. Brought forth from the academic and historic texts to a practical and usable form that can be adopted into our daily lives, reflections and rituals.

"To give birth to the ancient, in a new time, is creation"
C.G. Jung - The Red Book

This beautiful numbered set of book, cards and a poster (of the 2nd Century poem "Thunder, the perfect mind").

The AEON book is beautifully printed, hard back, foiled and linen cover. Each of these first edition books is numbered and a record will be kept of the 300 people who are lucky enough to order these books.

The book describes the origins of the Aeons and the meaning of each of the cards. At the back of the book are a number of different methods for conducting readings.

The cards are high quality, playing cards designed for regular use. They are specifically made for heavy use so they will keep their colorful design through the most rigorous of daily reflections or rituals.

These 300 books also come with a poster sized representation of the 2nd Century poem ":Thunder, the perfect mind". This poem a beautiful piece has been transformed into a circular mandala representing wholeness of being. It's an amazing tool for reflection and focus. NOTE: POSTER ONLY INCLUDED FOR ORDERS INSIDE USA DUE TO SHIPPING COSTS.

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