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The Thunder: Perfect Mind. A reflection


After completing the AEON deck of cards(at least conceptually) I was struck by the wisdom of the Gnostic dualities. So much of our theology and spirituality is wrapped in determining right from wrong, good from bad, male from female, the dualities of everything that is represented within this new deck. The Gnostic texts that I’ve read over the last year, take what (to me) seems like a unique perspective, which is the indivisibility and inseparability of these opposites. The very existence of light, creates darkness; everything we think is good, brings bad along with it; the person we initially think is perfect, will likely have imperfections; the actions we take with one intention often result in the opposite outcome. If we are honest, if we interrogate ourselves rigorously, it’s true that our anger brings us joy; our hate is born of love or desire; our charity is simultaneously self-serving.

This wisdom is profound for me. It demands an awareness of both the intended consequences of our actions and the unintended ones too. It gives license to individuals to do what they think is best, but in doing so we must also realize that our best is accompanied by our worst. It teaches us to be intentional and deliberate but to also remain humble in our expectations. To remain alert to the real outcomes of our words and deeds, rather than to be assumptive. It liberates us from righteousness and arrogance and helps us remain open to constant new learning and personal development. More than anything, it puts responsibility back on the individual to decide for themselves, rather than blindly adhere to conventions or norms.

It was in this (perfect) state of mind that I came across the text of the Gnostic poem “The Thunder, Perfect Mind”. While this text seems enigmatic in its paradoxical statements, it certainly seems inspired by this inseparability of opposites that I describe above. A meditation or a reflection on these polarities. To aid reflection, I decided to create a mandala like diagram of all of the polarities described in the poem.

I’m so glad that I have an amazing partner for the Nockwood project, Graham Wood. In no time at all, without being asked, he took this diagram and turned it into something to behold. Something to reflect upon. I had removed the first stanza of the poem because it did not include opposites. Adding it back in, not only made the poem complete, it gave the words heightened meaning. The instruction therein is clear.

We have created a thing, a thing of beauty. A think of reflection and contemplation. A practical thing. A useful thing. Our intention with these things is to take the ideas and wisdom from these old dusty texts and put them into forms that are useful, elegant and practical. A complement to the new deck of AEON Nockwood cards, that will literally put the aeons of the Gnostics into our hands. No doubt this poster will be available on there soon. Before then, here’s a sneak peek.


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