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Finding a Nockwood card to represent a person or a topic.

Several users have asked me how they might do a reading about a specific topic. So far, the 'old road' method (for brands) and the 'Mary method' (originally 3 cards, more recently 4 cards) have allowed the cards to decide the topic as well as the narrative.

As I've begun to uncover the dimensions and the different dynamics of the 6 suits as well as the potential meanings around the suits, I felt it was important that the next methodology allow the reader to pick a card for the 'readee' to meditate on. This could be based on the behavioral archetypes described on the 'key' or some representation of their person for whom the reading is being done or their specific challenge. To do this I needed to identify additional meaning, beyond the archetypes that could relate either to personality or to different aspects of life, considerations, sentiments and temperaments.

From the hundreds of readings I'd already done, these were pretty obvious but I had never written them down for people who are learning how to use the cards. They are as follows:

Hearts is anything inner driven, our own ideas, feelings, our ego, strong emotions, feelings, creativity, self expression, passions. This suit represents intimate relationships, love, loyalty, self-esteem, family, the bonds of blood and therefore birth, springtime, emergence of life, ideas, origination and imagination. There is also a volatility to Hearts. Impulsive, spontaneous, intuitive, enthusiastic and gregarious. This is all emotion, happiness and heartbreak.

Coins is literally money but also power, authority, strength, status, recognition, ambition, entrepreneurism, control. The strength that comes from everything connected, completeness, wholeness, working in synchronicity. It is the sun, it is the emperor, the ruler. It could be work or community, as it relates to your position within a hierarchy (although some work/craft/dedication is more related to the suit of spades). It is leadership, vision, it is the sign of the prophet, who leads others. Coins is also the card of heat and energy, both positive (hope, vision, competition, aspiration, drive) and negative (war, rage, anger and destruction).

Diamonds is change, a shift, something moving forward. A transition from one place to another. This could be a physical move or an emotional move. It is the step from the known to the unknown. It is the suit of leaving and discovering something new. Moving job, house, a break up or a new love. Transformation, rebellion, adventure, escape, breaking free, discovery and invention. This is the suit of the traveller, the truth seeker, the quest or the explorer. This is the suit of liberty and freedom. The independently minded. Diamonds people are 'the crazy ones' of the Apple commercials. Inventors, misfits, the people who see things differently, the change agents and geniuses we can't ignore.

Spades is everything practical, concrete and practical It is work that you've spent time learning, it is career and expertise. It has complexity of the many sided pentagon which represents many different perspectives, much learning, wisdom and knowledge. It is craft, precision, order, accuracy and attention to detail. Balance and consideration. Truth and practicality. In some senses it is the pursuit of justice and reason, fairness and through careful consideration. The balancing of different forces, the resolution and conciliation of a complex or intricate problem. Spades can be strict and critical. Cautious and reserved.

Shields is protection, order and self control. Sanctity. This is something precious that needs to be protected or some sort of order or stability that needs to be asserted. Abstinence and obedience. The virtue of controlling what you do. This includes defining priorities and protecting the things that matter the most to you. In many ways this is a more maternal or feminine force. It symbolizes a mothers protection of her children or her chastity/purity and marriage (as opposed to love and passion which is much more related to the suit of hearts). This is the survival instinct to circle the wagons, set rules and apply discipline. This is the suit of maintaining the status quo, sticking with convention rather than taking risk. The people of Shields are the heroes, the stabilizers, the protectors and the guardians. They are strong in a particular way but what drives them is often fears, anxieties and apprehension.

Flags is everything public and social. This is not about you it's about you thinking about others. The uniquely human quality of empathy. It's the community, the family in the sense of the tribe, group, shared interests, selfless-ness, the greater good. As far as topics are concerned it might be topics related to generosity, legacy, care, friends, groups, collaboration and activism. This is politics, religion, society as a whole, social standing, visibility, reputation, performance or publicity (getting up on stage, putting yourself on a soapbox/pedestal etc). There is also a generosity to this suit. This is the giver, the provider, the supporter, the cheerleader. Charity in terms of money/sharing resources but also giving support and advice. Wisdom. This is the suit of helping others achieve something or doing something that benefits everyone. It is also the suit of asking others to help you or understanding the effect of your action on others.


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