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AEON reading for 2020

(This post was originally posted on the Nockwood Medium page on January 2nd 2020. Reproduced here for reference.)

I decided to use the new AEON cards to do a reading for 2020.

This deck is based on the Aeonology of ancient Gnostic texts.

I chose the 6 card reading because this was a specific topic that I wished to explore. The first card in the spread was selected by me to represent the subject. ELPIS (Hope) represents future, unrevealed truths and inner development. This card not only has the symbol of the ‘treasury of light’ which is one of the 6 most positive cards in the deck, on a metaphysical level, it is also grounded in the “Dodecad of matter”, the 12 cards that are grounded in the material world. Elpis incapsulates ‘Hope’ both in the senses of what is imagined and what will ultimately manifest…. Felt, to me, like the right card for this reading.

The second position in the reading tells us the energy that is in play.

This card MACARIOTES is in the suit of Diamonds and represents Utopia, or more accurately the pursuit of perfection or bliss. The overall energy for 2020 will be this for all of us. A pursuit of betterment, a seeking of collective transformation or change. This is not a change that will happen to us, but rather a change that we will make happen. The square symbol on this card represents ‘ecclesia’ (gathering) which tells us this is a shared goal or mission, not one that we should pursue alone. This collectivism brings an interesting shift for 2020, one that suggests we need to align on the things we all want to see in the world, rather than focus on the things benefit us personally and individually. The flower like symbol on this card is the symbol of the ‘Dodecad of matter’ this means this pursuit has to manifest in action or tangible form, not just intellectual or conceptual. If you want to find Utopia, betterment, it will take action from all of us.

The third position tells us specifically the actions we need to take. The thing we need to assert or push for.

This card is the card of IEOU (justice) but this card is in the reverse position. This card is telling us that we need to stand up against unfairness and make sure that in 2020 the rules of fairness and equality are applied.

In the upright position this card would tell us we need to maintain a balance but in the reverse form it means that the imbalance already exists and it is our job to rectify it. No good hoping it will all work out or fooling ourselves that the imbalance isn’t as bad as we think… This card is telling us it is, it’s going to take a collective effort to make sure the imbalance is overcome and corrected. This might mean a shift of course, an intervention or active revolution and subordination. But the imbalances we see are real, destructive and unsustainable and it will take all of us (that’s the square in the middle again) to stand up for what’s right.

The fourth position tells us the truth that we will discover in this year.

MACARIA is the card of Happiness. This tells us that in 2020 we might learn something new about what makes us happy. This is in the suit of Spades, which is a suit of restraint and holding back. The suit of protection. The design of the card reminds us that happiness is a balance between inner and outer and that happiness is rarely material. Unlike the three previous cards which were material in nature, this card is from the ‘Decad of intelligence’, that’s what that funny symbol represents above the word “MACARIA”.

In the gnostic texts Happiness is distinctly spiritual (ie. not material) and is born of inner knowing and understanding of your self. 2020 is a year that we might collectively discover what happiness is and how to achieve it, beyond material possessions. Gnostic texts define three states of being, the first is called “Hylic” which means distracted by the trappings of our material world. The second is “Psychic” these are people who remain trapped in their own psychology and perception of the world. The highest, transcendent state is called “Pneumatic” or with spirit, people who understand that there is something beyond our own mind, our own material world that has more value or meaning to us than everything below it. Of course the tendency is to think that this is some religious spirituality, but it could be any higher order belief or value that you are willing to live in service of. Anyway, this card pushes us to discover in 2020 what things truly and honestly bring us joy and fulfillment.

The fifth position tells us what we do not expect.

The MONAD card is the card of leadership and power, but again this card is in reverse. This card, in this position, tells us that in 2020 there will be severe and unexpected disruption and we are likely to find ourselves with a sense of hopelessness and huge disorientation.

2020 will not be all happiness and utopia seeking but it is a necessary step to achieving this. There’s real challenges that we need to face that we have not anticipated. Unlike our fears, the surprises we never saw coming knock us sideways, leave us disoriented and helpless. In 2020 our carefully laid plans will not go as we plan them. Some of the things we once counted on will not be there for us as expected. The proverbial rug will be pulled from beneath us and we will feel at sea, without direction or leadership. Chaos. Uncertainty. This experience of disorientation will be a critical moment in our journey and the necessary catalyst to push us to the realizations mentioned in the two previous cards.

The sixth position, brings this story to conclusion. ‘What will be’ in 2020.

This card is GREGORI, The Watcher. From the Greek, meaning ‘those who are awake’. 2020 will be eye opening, pivotal in our journey but not what we expect. What’s interesting about the GREGORI is that they are watchful angels that can be either good or bad, they have the choice to stand for either ‘light’ or ‘darkness’. In many respects, the watchers are just like us, they have the will to decide who they stand with, and what they stand for.

In this position, the ultimate outcome for many of us in 2020 will be an awakening, an eye opening. We will be challenged, possibly to the point of despair, but this experience will teach us what matters and what we can (individually and collectively) do about it. 2020 stands to be a year of revelation. A year when we face a choice and the choice we make will have profound and long term impact.

All we can do is enter into 2020 is expect the unexpected and keep a close eye on the things that really, really matter. Be ready to decide what you truly, deeply and profoundly stand for and believe in.


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